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Dance Gap Year is a hub for creatives ages 17-26 who want to experience the breadth of the global dance community. We are about enhancing your dance artistry, performance skills and broadening your understanding of different techniques.

Develop your skills as a free form dancer & self promoter. Tell your story to the world, through cross-cultural exchange and mentorship and leave with a support system that is the Pizarts Global Dance Hub. 


DGY provides dancers and visual artists who move with a proven formula designed by Pizarts team of international artists. A robust 12 weeks schedule that combines our unique curriculum with a tailored plan that fits your individual needs. 

"Overall, I had an incredible experience with the program.
I learned so much about how I saw myself fitting into the dance world moving forward, which is something that this program curates really well."

- Daria, Dance Gap Year NYC Alumni

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