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Defining Dance Gap Year

March 24, 2017


Defining The Gap Year


According to the Washington Post article, Why Harvard ‘encourages’ students to take a gap year[...] gap year typically describes a year off between high school and college.” In 2014, a couple of teaching artists got together and began brainstorming concepts for culminating dance in the gap year circuit.

Defining Dance Gap Year


Dance Gap Year, created by founders Dominique Robinson and Ako Ando, define it as ‘an international dance and travel program, typically a period of 3 months or longer, that promotes intercultural growth and community collaboration through the art of movement.'

What To Expect From A Dance Gap Year

LANGUAGE IMMERSION Learn phrases used in conversation and dance.

Ballet, jazz, contemporary, folklore, tango, flamenco and ritmos.


Daily excursions, cooking lessons, live performances and historical tours.


Volunteer with local dance schools teaching youth and adults.


Produce an evening performance with tools and resources needed to budget, schedule and artistically director a collaborative vision.


Beaches, cathedrals, historical streets, and theaters.


ADVENTURE TRAVEL Canyoning, explore the hot springs, live like a gaucho, visit winemakers in the Andes.



Less Than A Week Off

When the luxury of taking an entire year off isn't at your discretion, there’s still possibility for a dose of inspiration and cultural immersion. Take our Teach Dance Abroad Seminar in Costa Rica, a trip with just enough time to relax, find your center, be inspired, meanwhile inspiring others. A little sunbathing and healing of the body for 6 days is just what the doctor ordered.

If sand between your toes isn’t really your thing, there is the
6 day jazz dance workshop and cultural tour in Cordoba, Argentina. It’s the Europe of South America with cobblestone streets, unique boutiques, street Tango performers and 3 days of non-stop dancing.



Less Than A Year Off


If you do have a few free months, take the time to explore the three, six and eight month programs that include an internship, a variety of dance classes and the opportunity to set your own works in public.

Whether you've dreamt about a life in the performing arts or have dedicated your career to it, this is your chance to have a life changing experience and believe me... There is a place for you at
Dance Gap Year so come join us!




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