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Dance connects people despite isolation🌸

☆Pandemic lockdowns might be pervasive, but not all our movements are restricted. This has led to a rise in dance, as people seek fitness, stress relief, healing—and connection.

☆Art transcends all barriers and boundaries. A joy that melds diversities and has the power to bring people together in one voice.

☆The current Covid-19 pandemic is enough to daunt even the strongest, but dance with its unique power is already serving as a useful vehicle of hope and positivity to bring relief into the world that could be perceived as struggling under a huge cloud of uncertainty and gloom.

☆Dating back to history and ancient civilizations, dance has always been used in various ways, be it prayer, celebration or war. Today we are in a war of a different kind. The whole world is fighting one common enemy, the coronavirus. In times like these where people are forced to insulate themselves, dance and music are slowly becoming a common way to bring people together and cheer them on.

☆The internet is full of free concerts, and celebrated dancers and artists are beaming out art from their living rooms, making the experience so much more real and personal. Just what the doctor ordered - to spread hope and reassurance. A lot of performances are also being shared on the internet as a way of keeping people engaged and positive. Aside from this, individuals and groups are sharing all kinds of dances.

☆It is amazing what the virtual world has done for us globally in making the world a smaller place. As the pandemic has pressed on, people have found innovative ways to come together. There have been dances of gratitude, dances with masks, dances that connect, as a way of encouraging people to dance their blues away.

☆You dance to celebrate life and the gift of being born. You dance with gratitude, love and trust knowing all will soon be well. The world is dealing with something larger than life and while we take the time to pause and think of all those suffering, we must also take the time to celebrate ourselves and others and turn this world of gloom and doom into one of hope, love and togetherness. Today the air is cleaner, the sky is bluer, the trees are greener and life all around is dancing a dance of celebration. What better time to dance than now?

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